I have to be careful in order to avoid being judgmental and religious. I have just written that you can be free from shame and guilt and I really do not want to put that on you, but there might be things that you and I should confess and there might be things that we should change.

I do understand that we live in a very special time. You might just enter internet and read what many of the prophets are writing. I do not swallow everything, but quite a lot is corresponding with my own spirit and with the Word. None of us knows when Jesus is coming back to get His bride, but the time is coming closer every day. In Luke 18:8 we read a question: Will the Son of Man really find faith on the earth when He returns? This is a word that I find difficult to accept. I would so much hope for a church with God’s children burning for Jesus. I would like to see God’s children filling themselves with the Word and fulfilling the Great Commission given by the Lord in Matthew 28 and Mark 16. Matthew 28:16-20 is saying that we should go to all the nations making them disciples and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We should also teach them all that Jesus had commanded the disciples, in other words us. At the end we get a fantastic promise. Jesus says: “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Mark 16:14-20 says that we should preach the gospel to every creature. Those who believe and are baptized, will be saved. Those who do not believe will be condemned. Then we can read about all those signs that should follow the believers. The first one is to drive out demons. Then we should speak in other tongues. We have also gotten authority over snakes and poison should not harm us. We should lay hand on the sick and they will recover. I recite the last verse:” They went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs.” The Lord once again emphasized the fact that they were not alone, nor are we.

Many are travelling to other people and countries in order to preach the gospel, but today we do not always need to go somewhere else because the mission field is right outside our window. Refugees are crossing our borders more than ever. The Lord has said that we should preach the gospel and baptize them to the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. We are supposed to drive out demons and lay hands on those that are sick. When we read about Jesus, He was also thinking about practical things as food and cloths. I therefore believe that we should help practically as well as economically. Hungry people won’t receive the gospel before they are fed. The mission field is coming very close to us. As a Norwegian I easily find solutions for problems far away, but now the problems are coming so near that I am forced to ask what do I do with it? I will not tell you what you shall do, but please do not close your eyes and pretend that the people around you do not need your help. The Lord has a job for all of us. Just ask The Holy Spirit what you should do. Our duty is to be obedient.


We talk about living in the last days. We read articles about the blood-moon and that 2015 is a year of jubilee. Others are prophesying about huge catastrophes, also here in Scandinavia. Others are prophesying judgment over United States. Christians are more and more persecuted everywhere and the secularizing is increasing all over. The spiritual and moral values are wiped out. The Biblical sex roles and Biblical marriages are more and more polluted and the devil actually wants to wipe them out. In our country they do not want to call a girl, girl and a boy, boy. Occult influence and other religions are taking over more and more groups and areas in the society. Even churches are opening up for this influence. What are you and I doing with this? Do we allow it to happen? I have experienced that it can be useful to say something about this. Each and every one of us must do that where we are. I was a leader of an institution and I knew that I had authority because of that and I used it and denied yoga to enter as long as I was there. When my children were small, I could protest about the wrong things in the kinder-garden and later in their schools. I really prayed to get wisdom in order to say things in love and diminish irritation. One may expect a certain spiritual resistance, but demons can be bound. Matthew 12:29 says that we should bind the strong one before we enter the house. We can do that in these cases as well. I once was at a working place where they wanted to have a prayer room for Muslims. I didn’t go against that, but said that I also needed a place where I could go and pray during my working hours. I usually did it at home, but I didn’t think that there should be any difference between the different religions. No one got a prayer room.

We had a lot of youth uproar when I was young and lots of rebellion against the politic at that time. My colleagues talked about neutrality, but had different fighting symbols hanging on their office-doors. I asked if I could have Jesus hanging on mine. They got something to think about then. It seemed like everything was allowed except Jesus. I do not say these things in order to brag, but to give you some ideas for stopping satanic influence at schools and working places and even in your church. Many Christians are unfortunately passive. They do not care and live thinking like this: “What is happening, is happening.” This is fate and not God. They forget they God has called us to reign and Jesus has given us authority. If you are a Christian, you have been given a name above all other names, Jesus Christ, and He has overcome evil and given us to do the same. Other Christians are so involved in secular things that they do not see the devil going forth to destroy. I have just talked to some people saying that what they considered sin a few years back is not a sin anymore since the times have changed. It is not the time that decides what is sin. Many avoid saying anything in fear, fear for being harassed or maybe losing one’s job. All teachers are not neutral and some students might get a worse mark because of their faith. Do not allow fear to stop you from upholding the truth. I just read today about the persecution of Christians in India. Let us stand up for Christ as long as we can.

I feel that the Lord calls us to pray as never before. He wants us to be offensive and not just defensive when the devil attacks. I recently heard a testimony from an earlier Satanist. He said that they could pray all nights, even in satanic tongues. They want to see destruction. It was very useful to hear how the devil works. I felt that I was lazy and I understood that The Holy Spirit must help me to pray more and not to give up before I see a break-through. I have asked The Holy Spirit to show me the areas I should pray for. God has made Himself dependent on us and when we do not do what we are asked to do, the devil can continue forward. A few years back I sang a song: We should go out and put the devil under our feet for the victory Jesus won, is ours. Some Christians think that Jesus won a victory and that we do not have to do anything at all. The tragic result is that you give the devil room and no resistance. Do we use the weapons God has given us to fight the enemy? Some of the things happening in the world are caused by our laziness, but there are many other factors involved as well. Sin and idol worship are landing places for the devil. Some happenings are foreseen by God Himself. I also think that many rulers over regions and countries should have been changed. Do we pray for them? Read 1.Tim.2:1-2. It says that we should pray for kings and leaders in order to live a peaceful life.

The title of my writing may make us question if we are geographically where we should be. The time is such that it is extremely important that:





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