Allow the supernatural to become natural!

15th of March

I have lately watched films about healings, miracles, rising from the dead and strong deliverances. These things have happened in many different countries and God’s power has been manifested in the strangest places. The main theme through the films has been the love of God. These films have been free of religion, but full of Jesus. Maybe I should explain what I mean by such a statement. Religion is full of laws and regulations and people feel that the demands can be too much for them. In these films we watched many worn-out people being healed long before they got saved. Many people from other religions got touched by Jesus before they became Christians, but they all met God’s unconditional love. Those that prayed for them and ministered the love of God to them were very clear and said that Jesus loved them and wanted them well. I never saw any rituals, but a strong faith in Him Who has all power both in Heaven and on earth. They also believed that they could be an instrument for His enormous power to-day. Some of those who received healing had no faith, but God allowed the rain to come over the unjust. Religious me got problems first time I prayed for Muslims and Hindus in India. When quite a few of them came forward to be prayed for, I had to ask God to give me a verse and I immediately got one. That was Matt.5:45. I quote: “That you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. ” I have prayed for people from all religions the last years, but I always say that I pray in the name of Jesus. He is the One that loves them and desires to help them. I also encourage them to pray to Jesus. I would normally have told them to pray to God in the name of Jesus, but so many of these have other gods and I find it very important to point to Jesus.

When I watched these films, I was struck by the natural way of representing the supernatural. We saw young students asking God for direction and they went to schools and supermarkets. They asked the Holy Spirit to guide them to the right people and then they walked over and started to talk to different people. Some of them had a visible handicap, other not. Some people represented a problem during the conversation. They always asked if they could pray for them, and God healed one after the other. None of them screamed or shouted in tongues, but they prayed simple prayers. If they didn’t see an immediate improvement, they continued to pray until they saw a breakthrough. Some of them ministered by using the gifts of the Spirit. A young man prayed for a woman. While he prayed for her mind, the Spirit revealed a number of other sicknesses and she was really convinced about God’s love. This was just as simple as asking for the time. Nobody forced anybody and these students always asked for permission before they prayed. Sometimes they laid hands on them and sometimes not. The power of God worked every time. These students seemed to be totally free and without any fear and they had a firm belief in the promises of God. He would do what He had promised to do. The simplicity of the Gospel was demonstrated.

In Africa we saw how a female pastor used the children to pray for the sick. Every deaf person was healed when the children laid hands on them. Children are not destroyed by unbelief and we are asked to become like little children. We also listened to a testimony from a man who was raised from the dead. He was hit and maltreated to death by four men. He was rushed to the hospital and when the congregation heard about this, they started to pray. He came back to life, but was still suffering from many internal and external wounds. The first words that came out of his mouth were: ” Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” The police had grabbed one of the four men and thrown him in prison, but they wanted a signature. The man did not want to charge this man and when he made that decision, he was totally healed and could walk out of the hospital. He went to the prison and got the man out and the man was saved and led many others to Christ. I do not believe that we have understood the power of forgiveness.

In these films we saw people who worked among the prostitutes and drug addicts. None of these were met with condemnation, but with a genuine love and a strong desire to lead them into a better life. The Christians walked into the worst bars and the worst places where they sold sex and drugs. They worked with children who were sold as sex slaves and they risked their own lives in order to save these children. We saw some very strong examples of how God met the different outcasts with love. Deliverance was part of God’s love. Many were set free from demons and Jesus could move in with His forgiveness, love and concern. I have participated in many deliverances so that was not new to me, but I was impressed by the simplicity and the love of the people who ministered. They really went to the worst and they treated them with great respect. We saw how the gifts of the Spirit functioned and hidden things were brought into light. The conversation was so natural and if one did not hear the words, one would think that they were talking about the weather or some food. We saw that a mother for prostitutes(both men and women) received Jesus as her Lord and Savior after one conversation. The Bible says that we should walk in deeds that are already prepared for us and here we watched people being saved just as easily as plucking apples from the tree.

I have mostly lived in Scandinavia and wonder why these thing do not happen so often here. It could be lack of prayers. I often believe that fear of men is an obstacle. We also have an attitude saying: “Do not come too near.” We might also be too egoistic and hesitate to stretch out a hand to those who are different. A lot of Christian churches need to learn much more about communication and how to reach people. I have personally met many who are good in talking about the truths of the Bible, but they do not know how to talk to people. In Scandinavia we have a lot of intellectualism. Worn-out people are not interested in “head-talks”, but in “heart-talks.” They want to meet a true and real Jesus, a Jesus they can relate to. They want a living Jesus, not a lot of theories.

What I have seen are real things, not a fiction. I am sorry that they didn’t have video-cameras at the time of Jesus. Imagine what films we would have seen. He healed people wherever He went. He raised people from the dead and He did not like religious people. He delivered people from demons. Yes, He even sent demons into the pigs He talked to sinful people and people who were considered to be an outcast. He restored sinful women and He talked to those who were considered to be an outcast.

We have to have experienced the love of God in order to share that with others. I have been called to share that love with my sisters and brothers through healings and deliverance. I am glad when I see that they are better, but I am even more happy when I see that they receive God’s love and share that with others. May God save us from being like a water without an outlet. I do not appreciate rotten water.

God reveals Himself through natural Christians who live an intimate life with their Savior, believing in the power of the Word and share this with others.


Mother Else