15th of March What do you think of when you read the head line? Do you think of an exciting television program or a crime novel? Many get an uneasy feeling when they hear the word hunted and they might think of a lonely woman being followed by a dangerous man. They might think of children being persecuted by other children or others who are there to mob them. They might also think of people who are constantly exposed to accidents. I can assure you that God had neither of these things in mind ... (read more)


1st of March I write this at a time when everybody has been talking about the common flu or the special “swine-flu”. Newspapers and all other media have been writing about this for weeks and months. They have been full of threats, reports and information. I am in Norway right now and the newspapers have been given information about which groups to be vaccinated first and people have even been lying and said that they had sickness they didn’t have in order to get the vaccination first. ... (read more)

What are you seeing and what are you hearing?

15th of February Right now I am working with people who are suffering with a physical or a mental problem. This is what I am educated for, but I have not forgotten my calling and I will therefore do this only for a few months. We can all make a difference. It is not dependant on people or on place. I work with people coming from different backgrounds and with a variety of problems. Many of them carry a sack with heavy things in it. Only a few call themselves Christians even if most of them are ... (read more)

Dreaming of a white Christmas

15th of December If you enter a supermarket now during the pre-Christmas time, you can listen to the old hit-tune: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” People start dreaming about white snow, a sledge and Santa Claus. The music is played in order to get people in the right mood for Christmas. It works since so many people think of Santa Claus and snow when they think of Christmas. Many people become real romantic when they hear this song and visualize the beautiful snow and the Santa ... (read more)

A light in the dark!

1st of December I can really say that we who live in the North have a time of darkness now. The days are shorter and shorter and some days are really grey. To-day is such a day. Some people become depressed and even I long for more light. I do not especially appreciate snow, but right now I think that snow would make the days brighter. I am glad that this kind of darkness comes from the weather and it has to do with factors outside ourselves. I believe that many of those who are in darkness ... (read more)

Now is the time for dancing!

1st of November Now is the time for dancing. It is time for rebuilding the destroyed ruins. Everything has to be restored before the returning of Jesus. (Acts 3:21)God has created the dance, and everything that God has created is in its origin good. God has created us to move and express ourselves through our bodies. (Acts 17:28) The devil cannot create anything good, but he is always ready to pervert and steal what God has created. Let us take back what the devil has stolen! We can still find ... (read more)

When shall we sing?

15th of October I recently heard a fantastic sermon about praise and worship and the importance of ministering to the Lord. I got so inspired that I decided to write about this. You might think that the title is stupid, but just wait till I come with my thoughts. Maybe one thinks that singing goes together with joy and that’s what I will start with. It is written in James 5:13 “Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.” We see here that also ... (read more)

Seek first the kingdom of God!

15th of August I want to share a theme that I myself think a lot about. I have mentioned this several times before, but it will be like a continuation of the theme: “resting in the Lord.” When we are supposed to rest in the Lord, we must first seek Him and we need to trust Him in order to rest in Him. I will start by quoting Amos 5:4. “For thus says the Lord to the house of Israel: “Seek Me and live.” He actually talks about repentance. If they had continued to live their sinful ... (read more)

Rest in the Lord!

1st of August This has been a message to me lately. It is therefore only natural that I share with you what I myself have received and experienced. I like to be active and feel useful. I like to be something for somebody and I was not too happy when I heard these words in my spirit and also from people with a prophetic gift. It took some time before I understood what it was all about. I have had many questions about how to rest in the Lord and more will come. Should one lie down and close ... (read more)


1st of July I might have written something about this before, but I am urged to write a theme about this now. We have a variety of friendships and many different friends. The Bible encourages us not to be friends with the world. We can read in James 4:4: ” Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. ” We can other places read that those of us who ... (read more)