Part 1

Your parents might have already made contracts on your behalf when you were a child. This is one of many reasons why I am against baptizing small babies. The child might be a few weeks old and the pastor or the priest declares the child to be saved. The witnesses around the child might promise to give the child a Christian up-bringing even if they are far from Christians themselves. Some people believe that the child will get lost and go to hell if it wasn’t baptized and should die. Jesus said that the children belong to Him. If you are a Christian mother or father to be, you will bless the child from the moment you know that it exists. I believe in blessing the child, but the Bible says that the one who believes, should get baptized. A new-borne baby has no faith.

Different families and different countries have unique laws and regulations when it comes to inheritance. Some things are therefore decided before the person is even born. You might have certain rights if you are the first born and sometimes boys have different rights than the girls. Some parents are saying things to their children that can become like curses or promises effecting the invisible and visible world. Parents might say things like: “You will never get a proper job if you do not spend more time with your home-work.” If such sentences are repeated often enough, they might become like a truths in your life. What do you think happens then? The person doesn’t believe that it is possible to get a proper job. BRAKE SUCH CURSES IN YOUR LIFE. They are working against you in the spirit-world. My mother scared me with sicknesses all the time and I believed my mother and I got sick.

The words said by adults and especially the parents become like truths for the children.

A lot of what you say and do are influenced by what you heard as a child.

In countries and churches where they practice baptism of babies, they offer youth between 14-16 what they call “confirmation teaching.” One should then confirm what their parents promised on their behalf as small children. The sad thing is that many do not think about this fact. They become confirmand in order to have a big party with many presents. I had a party for my daughters when they became 15 years and family and friends gave nice gifts without being confirmands. They were already baptized.

In counselling I often hear about misuse of children. They have been threatened to keep it as a secret. Quite a few children keep to that promise. That promise has to be broken. If an adult has done things to you without permission or forced you to do things against your will, it is considered to be criminal and you must go to a person you can trust. Evil people will often force both children and adults to keep quiet by threatening them to silence.

If you have promised something under threats of punishment, it is right to brake that promise and most likely necessary.

Think of all the children that have grown up in homes of violence, alcohol and drugs. They might have heard many times that they should keep quiet and children are often very loyal to their parents. I suggest that teachers talk about these problems at school. It would be easier for the children to share their stories then.

When children play together, they might sometimes do wrong things and they promise each other that they should not tell anyone. Some people get a bad conscience when they get older and have to brake that promise then in order to get free. Sometimes it is enough to confess it to the Lord, but if you have harmed another person, you might have to go back to this person. When my sister went to school, she experienced that an expensive watch was stolen from somebody in her class. Everybody had the suspicion of being a thief over them. My sister met a woman from her class about 40-50 years later. She confessed that she was the one stealing the watch. She had become a Christian and wanted to confess this to everybody in the class. It became a fantastic reunion.

Strong leaders might get control over people by forcing them to be loyal to them or to an ideology. People with extreme ideas might want to brainwash you and they are coming to young, insecure people without a strong identity. Be careful and pray before you promise loyalty to another person. I would say that you also should pray before you enter an organization or a group. What did you sign? I promised that I should not drink alcohol when I entered a Bible school and I thought that was ok. I did it voluntarily. Every Christian leader is not good. I know of several that have swindled people for big amounts of money. They look for good-hearted, naïve people thinking that the money goes to a good project. Be careful before you get rid of a big amount of money. Some people have lost their homes and since they have done it voluntarily, they have no legal rights to get it back.

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated.

I pray that Christian leaders as well as all the children of God should get the gift of discernment. We all have some flesh and even demons might be in our soul so we need to discern. Our spirit is clean and righteous.


Mother Else