Part 2

Last time I mentioned what a child might be born with and how the rucksack could be filled with new heavy stones if the child was brought up in a home with insecurity and quarreling. If the norms of the pre-school and the home differ, that could become a problem for the child. Any kind of harassment from either children or teachers are like heavy stones in the rucksack. I also mentioned wrong words that could be like curses with lasting effect unless they are broken. I do go back to inheritance and childhood in almost every counselling talk. If a child hasn’t gotten any help in childhood, the problems will increase and the rucksack will get bigger and more heavy.

Rejection and fear are present in many rucksacks. Rejection can be like a curse in many families. Maybe that the child wasn’t wanted. The child is in both cases born with a spirit of rejection. This spirit can have many branches or arms, influencing many areas of our life. My mother was mentally sick and she was afraid to touch me. I really didn’t feel loved and desired then. That opened up for different sicknesses and I got a little more attention then. Doctors came home at that time and they touched me. I have broken these things many years ago. I have lately worked with people that lacked attention when they grew up because of a sick sister or brother. It was very understandable that the parents took time with the person needing it the most, but the child that longed for his or her mother and father was still suffering. A child can experience rejection both in pre-school and in school and harassment is also a bad way of being rejected. I have experienced more rejection from my Christian sisters and brothers than those in the world. One reason is built on jealousy and another is  lack of understanding of the teaching on demons and healing. Rejection can lead to low self-esteem and self-rejection. That can sometimes lead to suicide. Isn’t fantastic that we have a God who has chosen us and never rejects us. He is for us and Jesus is saying in Romans 8:35 that nothing can separate us from His love.

Fear is another big problem. That could also be inherited or it could come from bad experiences. If the mother was fearful or nervous during the pregnancy, it will have effect on the baby. If a lot of fear runs in the family, the baby might be born with fear. The Bible says that God has not given us a spirit of fear. Fear can therefore be a spirit. It will increase unless it is dealt with as a child. Some people are afraid of things like spiders or flying. Others are afraid of reading loud or standing in front of others. We call that a fear of performance. The fear might become so strong that it effects the entire body with perspiring, shaking, lack of oxygen or even pain all over.

Do not allow fear to be the boss of your life.

As a Christian you have received the name of Jesus and you can use that to stop the fear. You might also get help to cast out the spirit or get some tools to withstand it. The Word of God can help you to take authority over the anxiety.

Some children are misused as children. It might be physical or psychological. It might even be sexually. That causes heavy stones into their rucksack. If this has been done by a very close adult to the child, the damages are even worse. I have had women in counselling that have been misused sexually by their own father. They might get problems with shame or having sex with her husband. She might also lose confidence in people. Can you visualize how one stone adds to another stone in the bigger rucksack?

When you become a teen-ager, your peer-group becomes more and more important. It is very important to choose the right people then. People having problems with alcohol, sex and drugs are usually saying that they started in the teens. The rucksack becomes more and more heavy.

I sometimes listen to people longing to get married and they say that they think that their problems would more or less disappear then. If neither one of them haven’t emptied their rucksack, they would actually get two rucksacks instead of one.


                           THEY GROW TOO BIG.

The problems from your childhood can influence your time at school, your relationships, your working situation, choice of profession, marriage, relationship to God etc. When you get a problem as an adult, ask The Holy Spirit to lead you to the root of the problem and when it happened. Otherwise you will meet the same problem again. Both God and I want you to get permanent help, not only a temporary one. Jesus took care of our sin, sicknesses, curses and the devil on the Cross. We can run the Christian life much better without a heavy rucksack.


Mother Else