This is a theme that I have written about in my book and something I am working with almost daily. I have some new readers of my website and everybody hasn’t read my book: Inner healing and deliverance. The book is in English. I am soon going to have a seminar about this theme and I am again reading my book and I pray for help to convey truths about this topic. I’ll start with YOU.

Is it right to go back to the past? We read in 2.Cor.5:17 that we are a new creation, old things have passed away and all things have become new. Did you receive a new body when you were born again or a completely new way of thinking? I didn’t and I do not believe you did either. What is completely new? Your spirit. We are spirit, soul and body. (1.Thess.5:23) All people have a spirit, but the spirit of God doesn’t move into our spirit before we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. A part of us becomes perfect then since Jesus took our sins and made us righteous. We are born by a perfect Father and become His children due to the work of Jesus on the Cross. We receive a new nature like that of Jesus and all confessed sins are gone. It is therefore possible to live by the Spirit. We do not have any wounds nor demons in our born- again spirit, but can have in our soul and body. The soul consists of our will, mind, emotions and our subconscious. A lot of our past life is hidden in our subconscious. It might live a life of its own. I often pray that the Lord should become the Ruler over the subconscious in both myself and others.

What is the difference between soul and spirit? Several translations of the Bible give a wrong and confusing impression. When I come to different churches, there is a confusion. In some countries they have difficulties translating me since they use the same word for soul and spirit. I have already described the difference. I want to emphasize that the soul is not the same as our flesh. The flesh is that part of us standing against the spirit. The flesh will not bow for the Spirit. (Matthew 26:41) Where can I read about the subconscious in the Bible? I also asked God about that and I immediately got Matthew 7:3. “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” The plank represents what we do not see. We have heard several sermons condemning us for not wanting to see, but that doesn’t need to be the case at all. When the Lord reveals things from the past, He does so in order to heal or deliver me or asking me to forgive somebody or do something else. It is the devil reminding us of old sins that are confessed and forgiven or saying that healed wounds are not healed. We must ask The Holy Spirit to help us in discerning what comes from God and what comes from the enemy.

I hear rather frequently that people react irrationally to things happening and I must ask if this incident reminds them of something unpleasant in the past. The Holy Spirit might help them to remember what it was. If they have been encroached, they might react to authorities and orders that are normal in schools and working places. They might find them unjust or interpret the rules as unnecessary and unpleasant. One might feel very sorry, become angry and feel fearful. I myself reacted very irrational when nurses took blood from me. Sometimes I almost fainted. I am normally quite tough and it was quite embarrassing. I didn’t react normally before God revealed an encroachment happening to me as a child. He delivered and healed me and I am not afraid today. Can God really do something with things that happened many years back? We read in Hebrew 13:8 that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is eternal and can therefore go back in time. He is also healing things today that is not healed. If you have a wound, it doesn’t matter how long the wound has been there. We talk now about a wound in the soul that might be invisible, but still painful. You might even carry wounds caused by family curses. Some of you have many questions now, but I will try to explain. We know that certain sicknesses run in families. Others have a lot of alcoholism, divorces, violence, anger, rejection etc. I often break family curses and cast a demon out of the person who wants help. Many parents become very happy when they understand that their children do not need to become alcoholics or have a divorce. I can hardly think of anything so detrimental as rejection. Rejected people will often misinterpret what one says or can feel very inferior. In extreme cases one might become paranoia. Another result of inferiority might be self-assertion. When negative things run in a family, one might be both a victim and one practicing for example rejection.

I sense that some of you might say: “I have been misused by my father and that has ruined my life. There is nothing God can do about that. Done is done.” God doesn’t deny the facts. He is not a liar, but He wants to help you to forgive and He wants to come to you with His love, comfort you and heal you from psychological wounds and maybe even physical wounds. He wants to release you from shame and guilt. He is coming with oil from Heaven and pours it into the wounds. Maybe He has to cleanse the wounds first. He will put His hand on your mind and heal the bad memories in order for you to sleep well without nightmares. Psalm 104 says that your sleep should be sweet. Some of these things might take some time, but God has promised to be with you all the time. I have earlier mentioned that you can forgive many times. You keep on forgiving till all that is within you is healed.

               We should not dig in the past unless the past affects your present life.

The Lord might take up things from the past directly with you and sometimes He uses another person through one of the gifts of the Spirit. If the Lord brings forth some old experiences, He does that to help you. The devil does it to torment you. Some people say to me that they get a picture of something bad again and again. “I can’t get rid of it.” The Lord wants to delete that.

The Lord will not delete your past life, but He wants to cleanse, heal and deliver you.

Some wounds are infected and some wounds in the soul have demons in them. They must go. How do I know if there are demons or demonic influence? I ask the Lord or use the gift of discernment. You can also ask the Lord or ask a person with this gift to pray with you. Many get afraid when we start talking about demons. Don’t you know that they are conquered by Jesus? We have received power to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19)




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