The Soul, part 5

March 18th Part 6 of Spirit, Soul and Body THE SOUL WHAT ARE THE REASONS FOR WOUNDS AND DEMONIC ACTIVITIES IN THE SOUL? I will not be able to write about all the reasons, but will describe some of the main groups. We did not have any wounds in our soul nor any sicknesses in our body before Adam and Eve fell in sin. We are created in the image of God and what He has created is perfect. It is our sin and the works of the devil that cause wounds and sicknesses. “IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY” ... (read more)

The Soul, part 4

March 8th Part 5 of Spirit, Soul and Body. THE SOUL THE SUBCONSCIOUS This topic is not mentioned much in Christian literature, but is a central topic in psychology. I have read quite a bit of psychology and I know that not everything is in accordance with the Word of God. I have asked the Holy Spirit to be like a filter and take away what I am not supposed to use. I have been allowed to keep my knowledge about the subconscious. Many say: “I cannot remember anything from this or that ... (read more)

The Soul, part 3

February 28th Part 4 of Spirit, Soul and Body. THE SOUL OUR EMOTIONS: Our spirit, mind and body influence our emotions. Both God and the devil desire to control them. Also circumstances influence them a lot. Emotions are created by God. Some preachers make jokes about them and that makes me sad. Jesus showed emotions. It is written that He cried and became angry. He was full of sorrow. It is not written that He laughed, but the Bible is full of scriptures about Joy. In Heb.1:9 it is written ... (read more)

The Soul, part 2

Part 3 of Spirit, Soul and Body. I feel like writing a little more about the Will. As a mother I talk to many young people. Some of them have problems with making decisions. A current topic in that age is: How to choose a partner? How would I know that this is God? Just think if I am deceived———–. There are many questions and a lot of insecurity. Before I talk about anything else, I talk about their relationship with God. I want them to understand, really understand, ... (read more)

The Soul, part 1

February 8th THE SOUL What is the Soul? The soul consists of three parts: THE WILL THE MIND (our thoughts) OUR EMOTIONS These three parts are not to be found in one particular Bible-verse, but we are many with the same revelation. The soul is created by God, but it is not perfect. It can be under dominion of three persons: yourself, the devil and God. Some people talk like the soul and the flesh is the same, but that is not so. I will shortly explain the FLESH. THE FLESH IS OUR SINFUL NATURE. ... (read more)

The Spirit

January 28th THE SPIRIT I mentioned in the introduction that God is Three and still He is One. He has created us in His image and every human being consists therefore of three parts. Referred to 1.Thess.5:23. ARE YOU BORN AGAIN? DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN? DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A NUCLEAR OF AN ATOMBOMB WITHIN YOU? BESIDES ALL OF THAT, YOU ALSO HAVE A PART OF YOU THAT CANNOT SIN. Jesus says to Nicodemus: “Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” ... (read more)

Introduction for Spirit, Soul and Body

January 18th INTRODUCTION: God has asked me to share with you my knowledge about spirit, soul and body. When you look at different translations of the Bible, there is a certain confusion between soul and spirit. This also exists in many of the songs we sing. People lack knowledge and in Hosea 4:6 it says that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” God does not want us to be destroyed. I am building my teaching on the Word of God, revelations, books that I have read and ... (read more)

The Holy Spirit 8

October 28th Part 8 This will be the last teaching on the Holy Spirit. I mentioned some of the functions last time. This time I will mention some of the symbols. THE SYMBOLS: A. WATER and B. RAIN. We sometimes talk about living water. Look up Zechariah 10:1. It says that we should ask for rain in the time of the latter rain. In Lev.26:4 God says that He would give rain in its season. I have often been singing: “Send me rain!” What we really mean is that the Holy Spirit should come ... (read more)

The Holy Spirit 7

October 18th Last time I wrote about the gifts of the Spirit. This time I want to write about the unity of the Spirit within the Body of Christ. We read 1.Cor.12:13 “For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body- whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free- and have all been made to drink into one Spirit.” We can compare the Body of Christ with our natural body. That has many different members, both visible and invisible. Some of the most important members are the heart ... (read more)

The Holy Spirit 6

Part 6 I wrote about the fruits of the Spirit and the works of the flesh last time. This time we look at the gifts. I will mainly stay in Rom. 12 and 1.Cor.12+14. In Rom.12:11 it says that we should be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. We are one body, but the body consists of many parts. Each part has a special function. In 1.Cor.12:14 it says that there are many different gifts of the Spirit, but the Spirit is the same. A gift is not given to us so that we should have something to boast ... (read more)