What is behind the facade, part 1?

15th of February Part 1 I will be philosophizing around this theme. The reason is that I have seen a lot of individuals, congregations and organizations using a lot of energy in order to keep a nice facade. The more dirt that is hidden behind the nice wall, the more energy is used to keep the facade. I have also met quite a few people with a lousy facade, but they cover up a lot of good qualities and possibilities. Many people do not know that they spend so much energy to look nice and to keep ... (read more)


1st of February What is revival? It is when something dead, comes alive. That is in our own personal lives, in the church, in areas and sometimes in an entire country. Satan can also revive areas that have not been open for him. I will not write much about that this time, but I do want to warn against it. I am very eager to revive all the areas that have not been open for the creative power of the Living God. I have heard about revival since I was a child. It has been talked about, more or ... (read more)

A New Beginning

15th of January We have recently started a new year and you might have promised yourself that this year will be different from other years. You might have thought about all the negative experiences from last year and you might say: g This year will be different.h I appreciate all positive decisions, but want to help you to think. What is important and what shall you do in order to make changes? You did not read the Bible very much last year and you really want to do something about that. ... (read more)

What does the Devil do to hinder the Body of Christ to function? Part 2

1st of January Part 2 I mentioned sickness, rumors and gossip, bad relationships, divisions and control, misuse of power and abuse of different kinds as reasons for a weak and handicapped body of Christ. I also mentioned the fact that some people do not know the plans God has for them and that creates confusion. God does not send confusion and He has clear plans for each individual. To-day I will start by writing about all of those who are stopped and hindered in using their gifts and talents. ... (read more)

It is time for the child to be delivered

15th of December We can go back to the story of Christmas and think of Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was visited by the angel Gabriel telling her that should have a child. The Holy Spirit should come over her and the power of the Highest should overshadow her and she would conceive a child and this child would be the Son of God. She should call the child Jesus. Her fiancé Joseph took care of her and the baby, but he did not have any physical contact with her before the baby was born. He was ... (read more)

What does Christmas mean to you?

1st of December I live in Sweden and it is quite dark here right now. The sun is only up for a few hours and we have had a lot of rain and the weather has been gloomy. One has already started with Christmas decorations and you can see stars and baskets, hearts and most of all: Santa Clauses. We have placed some small candles in the windows and that makes it quite cozy at this time of the year. There are many people disliking this time of the year since it is so dark. One is longing for snow ... (read more)

Are you at a crossroads or are you in a roundabout?

15th of November I think that the title is rather funny and I pray that the content would make some of you readers to think and maybe it would help those of you who are standing in a situation where you must make a decision. I sometimes meet people who are saying: “ Life is boring. Nothing happens.  There must be more to life than this.” This person might not see that he or she does a lot of meaningful things, but it could also be that the person lacks goals and visions and wonders around ... (read more)

Transformation and reformation

1st of November I might mention some of the things that I have written before, especially when it comes to the first church and what God is doing in these days. The words transformation and reformation are words that I hear everywhere I am in these days. It must be on God’s heart right now. A few weeks ago when I was home here in Sweden, I read a book written by a Danish fellow about the last reformation. I was recently travelling around in Italy, visiting different congregations and wherever ... (read more)

Do not hold anything good back, part 2

15th of October Norway went through a crisis for a little more than a year ago. One person caused the death of 77 people. This was an act of terror, the worst since the last world war. The person that did this had not expected the reactions that followed this tragedy. Everybody wanted to help, comfort and show concern in one way or the other. The King and his family became very visible and they were an example for everybody else. The Prime minister and other politicians were there for those ... (read more)

Do not hold anything good back

1st of October PART 1 I am just as curious as you are about the content of to-day’s message. God gave me the title, but the rest comes as I am writing. We just have to see what the Lord has for us to-day. It is always something good. We can start with 2.Cor.9:8. We read: “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have abundance for every good work.” The headline over this Scripture in my Bible is: “A happy giver.” ... (read more)