Sermons 2020


ARE YOU WILLING TO GO THROUGH A NARROW PASSAGE?   I heard a pastor talking about narrow passages the other day. I was thinking about what a child has to go through in order to come into this world. That is a painful process for both mother and child, but totally necessary for the child to be born. A child can be taken by a Caesarean operation, but it is said that it is better for the child to be born in a natural way. I will not write more about that since I lack knowledge. We are still in ... (read more)


COMPASSION   Last time I wrote about sin. The word sin is giving a negative feeling while the word compassion arises positive feelings. One becomes warm and happy. If we would have had more compassion in the world, the world would have looked very different. We would not have had terrible wars and people would have been treated with respect, mercy and justice. When I think about compassion, I think about someone being kind, somebody doing good for others. I think that the word goodness ... (read more)


HOW DO WE REACT DURING TIMES OF CRISIS?   The entire world has been turned up- side down during the last weeks. If we turn on the news, we hear about the Corona virus. If we read newspapers, we read about the virus. This has been the situation since this epidemic started in China. Entire regions were closed and the population could not leave nor enter certain areas. The virus spread rapidly and the whole world is more or less affected by this. Italy, Spain and France have been severely ... (read more)

STAND FAST IN THE LIBERTY BY WHICH CHRIST HAS MADE US FREE! Why do we celebrate Christmas? We are celebrating in memory of the fact that Jesus Christ was born. Christmas is circling around the little baby in the crib, angles, shepherds, the history about Joseph and Mary. We read about the three wise men with wonderful gifts. Jesus was the Son of God. The entire humanity was separated from a direct contact with God because of the sin of Adam and Eve. God had talked to the prophets, but the ... (read more)