Sermons 2016


TOGETHER   I have recently been writing about relationships and this will touch a little bit on the same subject, but differently. We live in a time with great changes both within and outside the Body of Christ. I know of many people lacking a spiritual home and many feel spiritually homeless. That doesn’t mean that they are spiritually fatherless. Some people say that they are without any spiritual protection if they do not have a membership in a church. I do not believe that is true. I ... (read more)


TOUGH TIMES.   I constantly meet Christians complaining and saying that the times are harder than ever before. Some are saying that the devil attacks more than ever. Others go through great physical and mental pain. Many are worried about the future. They say: “It’s tough.” I do agree to this, but I am not so surprised because I know the times we live in. I do know that we live in the last days, but I do not know how close and exactly when Jesus returns, but He is coming soon. We ... (read more)