COMMUNICATION Part 4 Many people participate in courses and treatments that turn out to be different than expected. One doesn’t get the right information in advance or maybe very limited information. Yoga is such an example. It is called gymnastic and relaxation and no one is saying that yoga is part of Hinduism. It is recommended by doctors and others within the medical ward and one thinks that it must be good then. Others are invited to parties at their working place and that sounds like a ... (read more)


Communication. Part 3 Today I want to write about marriage. I will actually start by writing about the time before marriage. How do you communicate then? I know that there could be a difference between those that are Christians and those not believing in Christ. It should be a difference. In our society where I live, they do not wait long before they sleep together and it is quite common to move together before marriage. The Bible says that sex belongs to marriage. Some couples are so involved ... (read more)


COMMUNICATION Part 2 How do we Christians talk with each other and how do we communicate with those that are not believers? Some congregations are focusing so much on being successful that it can be difficult to be honest. Many are putting on a masque hoping to be accepted. One can become one person at home and a totally different person in church. The gap between these two can grow so big that one stops going to church. I will be a little more concrete. Maybe you are depressed and experience ... (read more)


COMMUNICATION Part 1 Some of you will think that I write about something that isn’t spiritual enough, but I have wanted to teach on this subject for a long time back. Lack of good communication is a reason for many divorces and there have been a lot of misunderstanding both among friends, family and in working situations. God can definitely use communication. He actually wants to communicate with us all the time, but this is also an area where the devil can play. Do not give him room. I will ... (read more)


WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR RUCKSACK? Part 2 Last time I mentioned what a child might be born with and how the rucksack could be filled with new heavy stones if the child was brought up in a home with insecurity and quarreling. If the norms of the pre-school and the home differ, that could become a problem for the child. Any kind of harassment from either children or teachers are like heavy stones in the rucksack. I also mentioned wrong words that could be like curses with lasting effect unless ... (read more)


WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR RUCKSACK? Part 1 You might wonder what I am referring to, but I do believe that you understand that I write symbolically. I do write occasionally about the things I am dealing with daily both through teaching and counselling. I am now back to the problems that we can harbor in our soul and body. Our born-again spirit is totally clean and righteous because of Jesus. I just arrived from a meeting where I was teaching, using three rucksacks. I started with the small one. ... (read more)


A NEW AND EXCITING YEAR! I all the time get the word exciting when it comes to next year. I do not believe that it will be an easy year, but I do believe that it will be very exciting. I will not prophesy about wars, earthquakes or other catastrophes. I do not have any revelation about where and when these things will happen around the world and I do not want us to be mainly focused on all the negative things happening everywhere. I do not believe that we should be ignorant and close our eyes ... (read more)


GO OUT AND MAKE ALL NATIONS TO DISIPLES.   The headline is taken from Matthew 28:16-20. I start from verse 18: “And Jesus came and spoke to His disciples saying: “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. I have ... (read more)


GLASSES.   I presume that you might have some questions about the title. You know that I am not an eye-doctor nor an optician. Jesus used many parables when He was teaching and I also like to talk about spiritual things, using practical examples. This time I use glasses. That might not be so strange since I recently had an operation on both my eyes. I had used very strong glasses and had developed a cartridge the last years. I can now be without glasses and I see better than ever. This is ... (read more)


WE CAN CELEBRATE EASTER THE ENTIRE YEAR!   Most of us have just celebrated Easter while some countries celebrate Easter a little bit later. It depends on the calendar they use. Easter was celebrated by the Jews long before Jesus was born. They called it Pesach and it was in memory of the exodus of Egypt and the slavery there. The Bible calls it the feast of the unleavened bread. Yeast was a symbol of sin and they baked a bread out of flour and water. We Christians are celebrating Easter ... (read more)